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Central KY Driving School offers Driver Education Classes
as well as Behind the Wheel Instruction located in Fayette County.

Why We Do What We Do​

From the safest car seat to the safest sports equipment, as parents we do what it takes to protect our kids. Now that it's time for Drivers Ed, Central KY Driving School can help you take steps to equip your teen to be a safe driver. Oh, and since we are the ones doing the instructing, we'd like to think we are helping to preserve the parent-teen relationship too. You're welcome.

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What We Do

Central KY Driving School offers Behind the Wheel Instruction located in Fayette County for Teens and Adults. All lessons begin and end at our office at 115 Codell Drive, Suite 110, Lexington, KY 40509. This improves our instruction by allowing us to drive pre-determined routes, ensuring that we are able to include the necessary elements needed for each session as we take the student through the progression of our Behind the Wheel Curriculum. Students will receive their training in one of our vehicles, which are set up specifically for student driving.

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